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Friday , February 26 , 2016
Salt Lake

Deer park set for debut

The Alipore Zoological Garden may be far away and the Wild Animal Rescue and Transit Facility Centre near Baisakhi, in Salt Lake, out of bounds. But residents of the twin townships will get a...   | Read..

BA CA Park patch to host East Bengal junior camp 

East Bengal football club is all set to start a coaching camp at BA-CA Park but local councillor Rajesh Chirimar is crying foul over the deal which he says was struck...   | Read..

My father taught me to ride a scooter, making me the first girl in our village who could do so: Sarita Devi

She’s best remembered as the boxer who tearfully refused to accept the runners-up medal in the Asian Games after a bout she felt she deserved to win. But Sarita Devi...   | Read..

A rhapsodic celebration of life

Rhapsody, the annual fest of Salt Lake School (SLS), showcased the theme “Celebration of Life” over two days, presenting programmes that were a  blend of...   | Read..

Fun under a hot sun

The sports day of Sri Aurobindo Institute of Education was held at CK-CL Park recently.  The event began by paying tribute to The Mother and Sri Aurobindo and then with a...   | Read..
Next Friday, the Aussie Grill and Seafood Festival will be unveiled at Ocean Grill in Sector V....   | Read..