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| Monday, February 15, 2016 |


Think on your feet

Nervous before your first interview? Relax, says Avijit Chatterjee. Work on your answers and you'll sail through

The unlucky graduate in Satyajit Ray's film Jana Arayna (The Middleman) had to sit through a series of sweat-inducing interviews. Vying with some 100,000 applicants for the 10-odd jobs on offer, he had to face some absurd questions. What is the... | Read»

All grown up? Find out

Here are seven signs that tell you if you can be considered an adult, says Manasi Shah

Most college students tend to live in their own little comfort zone, free of all responsibilities. Although not all are scared to move on to bigger and better things in life, it's not easy to shake off the inertia. Here are a few telltale signs... | Read»

Rebels with a cause

Essex University in the UK may no longer be a seat of ‘red’ politics. But the tradition of encouraging students to challenge convention is still alive and kicking, says Sajeda Momin

The man that I gingerly walked up to filled me with trepidation because after all he was Ben Okri, an award winning author considered to be one of the most influential African writers of our time. “Hi, I went to the same university as... | Read»