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| Monday, January 18, 2016 |


It's BPM, stupid

BPOs are out, Business Process Management is in. Engineers, technologists and those with doctorates are flocking to the industry. Check out your career prospects here, suggests Varuna Verma 

Aniket Godbole's team recently received an SOS - it had to manage a negative revenue situation for a client. "The customer, a global online travel agency, was not generating the expected revenue. They wanted us to fix the issue," recalls... | Read»

Enjoy baking? Start working

They started out wanting to bake tasty dishes for their relatives. Now many Calcuttans have turned what was once a hobby into a business, writes Moumita Chaudhuri

Kamalika Chakrabarty loved to bake. "I used to often bake cakes at home and try different recipes that I had read. When I went to the US I got access to a huge pool of books from where I learnt a lot about cake mixing, icing, frosting and... | Read»

UK college guide

The United Kingdom boasts of some of the world's top educational institutions and educators. Yet some of its restrictions on overseas students have resulted in a sharp decline in the number of Indians opting to study in the UK. Some recent changes... | Read»