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| Sunday, November 29, 2015 |


Keeping it real

Randeep Hooda’s career has been full of ups and downs but he’s now gatecrashing the big league, says Sarbani Sen

When Randeep Hooda is obsessed by a task, he never gives up until it’s completed. And right now, he’s obsessed with getting into the character of Sarabjit Singh, who was accused of being an Indian spy and spent 20 years in Pakistani... | Read»

Just for kicks

Muay Thai is a brutally effective martial art that can also be a great workout, says Susmita Saha

It’s 6pm and a clutch of fitness enthusiasts stream into the Dynamic Kickboxing Cross Training Fitness studio in Noida, a stone’s throw from Delhi. They plunge into a joint warm-up routine, follow it up with stretching and cardio... | Read»

Between the sheets

The right technique and lots of practice is the secret behind the most flaky filo pastries stuffed with fillings, both sweet and savoury, says Rahul Verma

Now that the weather calls for some rich food to warm up your bones, I would suggest that you consider preparing filo pastries at home. It’s tough, but chefs tell me that it’s not impossible to make a good pastry. All you need is... | Read»

An arty getaway

Art Ichol in deepest Madhya Pradesh is all about art in a very rural setting, says Susmita Saha

Here I was in the middle of nowhere in deepest Madhya Pradesh and before me were what looked from a distance like very unusual trees. Their leaves didn’t flutter in the morning breeze and on closer inspection it was clear why. This was... | Read»

A fuss-free edge

Designer Sneha Arora makes sure that her clothes are comfortable and also trendy

Style according to you is... It’s more about your personality than what you wear. Style is about being comfortable in your own skin. | Read»

The size zero challengers

The Asus ZenBook UX305LA and Dell XPS 13 offer no-compromise alternatives
to Apple’s famously slim and light laptops, says Tushar Kanwar

There was a time when spending upwards of 70 grand on a laptop made sense only if it had a bitten apple on the lid. All that’s changed recently with two new laptops from Asus and Dell that not only push the thin-and-light envelope, but offer... | Read»

Starting out young

Composer Mithoon Sharma began learning music at the age of 11 and knew almost at once that he had found his life’s calling

I think the first professional turning point in my life came when I started learning music at the age of 11. For me, more than getting a chance to compose the music for a film as an adult, learning music as a child was very significant. I believe... | Read»