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Monday , November 16 , 2015

Fuel poured into immigration fears

Switzerland's immigration authorities have a demeanour as pleasant as the mouth-watering chocolate that has made their country famous.   | Read..

'Paris changes everything' on migrants

A row over Europe's refugee crisis re-ignited as further evidence emerged that at least one of the Paris attackers had travelled through Europe alongside Syrian refugees,...   | Read..

'We are young, educated and liberal. This is what they hate'

Bleeding bodies sprawled across the street. A terrified woman clinging to a ledge by her fingertips. The haunting cries of a man searching for a lost friend. A numbing...   | Read..

Obama, Putin hold animated talks on Syria

A White House official said Obama and Putin agreed in a 35-minute meeting on the sidelines of a G20 summit in Turkey on the need for a political transition in Syria, saying...   | Read..

Imran's dog only one in love with me: Reham

Imran Khan's recently divorced wife, Reham Khan, has gone on the offensive and described the Pakistani politician's family and followers as a thoroughly nasty and...   | Read..
Fuel poured into immigration fears