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| Sunday, November 15, 2015 |


Beauties with brawn

Indian women are flexing their muscles and showing off their six-pack abs as they get into the highly competitive world of bodybuilding, says Anupma Mishra

She’s dressed in torn denims and a loose cotton top and, at first glance, could easily pass off as a very average suburban mother. But the moment she gets to the gym and into her sportswear 39-year-old Mamota Devi Yumnam’s transformed... | Read»

The naked truth 

Naked cakes, without layers of icing, are the hottest new trend both in India and abroad, says Arundhati Basu

It’s a historical controversy that has never been entirely resolved. Was it Marie Antoinette who uttered the immortal words “Let them eat cake”? Or was it Marie-Thérèse, the wife of France’s Sun King Louis XIV... | Read»

At home with art

Odissi dancer Sharon Lowen’s home is choc-a-bloc with artefacts and 
artworks from India and abroad, says Sarbani Sen

Odissi dancer Sharon Lowen has filled her home with art, artefacts and exotic furniture — and they’re all around as you step into the  living room of her three-bedroom house in Delhi’s upscale Jangpura Extension. | Read»

A meaty proposition

Maharashtra has a scrumptious culinary treasure of mouth-watering mutton dishes, says Rahul Verma

The first time I went to Bombay — it was then still Bombay — I was a callow youth with long hair. The city was a buzzing food hub, but food those days was merely to be eaten. So instead of discovering the cuisine of Maharashtra we... | Read»

An Italian masterpiece

Florence is the beautiful birthplace of the Renaissance and it’s crammed with art and every nook is steeped in history, says T. Moitra

It’s tough to believe, but August heat in Florence can be terrible. The humidity’s suffocating, and the scorching sun can burn the most resilient Indian skin. This came as a shock, especially since I’d arrived from... | Read»

Rocking the runway

The Amazon India Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016 was a rollicking affair that offered a range of quirky and innovative creations, say Anupma Mishra, Sarbani Sen and Saimi Sattar

It was a sparkling performance and all the fashion world’s top names were in attendance. And it was a rollicking show with models on roller- blades, a fun pyjama party, beach-inspired ramps and tennis balls rolling all over the... | Read»

Time for a tablet

The tablet business has hit hard times but Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S2 and Asus’ ZenPad 7.0 are trying to buck the trend, says Tushar Kanwar

Once the darling of the consumer electronics industry, tablets have hit hard times if you look at sales. Put it down to most folks holding onto their tablets for far longer than smartphones, a lack of genuine new innovations in the space, or... | Read»

Shooting star

Zeishan Quadri has made an arduous journey from Jharkhand to Mumbai and tried his hand at everything from script-writing to production and even directing a film

All the important turning points of my life are professional. When I moved out of Jharkhand in 2003, I was suddenly exposed to what the world beyond was like — the immense possibilities as well as opportunities that existed. I had gone... | Read»