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| Sunday, November 8, 2015 |


Staying in the fast track

Raymond Group chief Gautam Singhania has taken his love of fast cars to Europe’s racing circuit, says Sarbani Sen

A Man’s Home is His Castle but His Garage Is His Sanctuary” reads a poster in the basement of Gautam Hari Singhania’s home on Mumbai’s super-smart Altamount Road. And two sleek and ferocious-looking sports... | Read»

Wonder wheels

You don’t need to hit the road running when there are futuristic alternatives like hoverboards and unicycles, says Yashodeep Sengupta

Ever since the geeky Marty McFly was seen riding the hoverboard — a levitating skateboard without wheels — in sci-fi flicks Back to the Future Part II and Part III, the real world has been waiting for just such a smart personal... | Read»

Divine offerings

The Festival of Lights is almost upon us and preparations are in full swing. And, if you’d like Diwali to shine more stylishly it might be a good idea to put a super-smart puja thali near the top of that must-buy list.  | Read»

Desert desserts

Head off the beaten track and try out Rajasthan’s sweet goodies this festival season, says Rahul Verma

I’ve been reading about a special gift that is much in demand this Diwali. Apparently, some black marketers are celebrating the festival with arhar dal. I am a traditionalist — and think Diwali has to be marked with not just suitable... | Read»

On the road in Russia

Driving east across Russia from Tatarstan to the enormous Lake Baikal is a voyage of discovery through a country that hasn’t yet shaken off its Soviet past, says Rishad Saam Mehta

There is a journey — an epic road trip — that I’ve been wanting to go on since I was in my teens. The ancient route stretching from the middle of Europe to China — popularly called the ancient Silk Route. | Read»

Android bonanza

There are so many very competent Android phones out there that picking the best one can be tough. Tushar Kanwar looks at the best of the crop

Handy or a handful, plain Jane or glamo-rous — if you’re in the market for a new smartphone, chances are there’s an  Android option to fit your fancy. Android’s diversity means that you can choose from a seemingly... | Read»

Screen smarts

Nauheed Cyrusi fast-tracked into the world of advertising and music videos, and has always gone with the flow

It may sound clichéd but advertisement films happened to me because a neighbour helpfully informed me about auditions that were happening for television commercials. I went for the auditions and before I knew it I was splashed in a host of... | Read»