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| Sunday, November 1, 2015 |


Portrait of a crime

Director Meghna Gulzar has been hailed by the critics and has scored a box office hit with Talvar based on the Aarushi double murder case, says Sarbani Sen

It’s the crime that gripped the nation. It has spawned, first a book and now an edge-of-the-seat crime thriller that cleverly offers three ways the murder could have happened and leaves the audience to draw their own conclusions and decide... | Read»

An arty haven

Art czar Rajeev Sethi's sprawling bungalow is crammed with antiques and family heirlooms, says Anupma Mishra

Entering Rajeev Sethi’s home is like stepping into a time capsule and being instantly transported to another world. It’s a potpourri of an amazing array of arts and crafts and vintage furniture, some of which were bought by his parents... | Read»

Core focus

Take a break from body sculpting and try these core building exercises to stay fully fit, says Saimi Sattar

Do you think that toned arms, six pack abs and bulked up shoulders are the stuff of fitness? Then a reality check is in order. The core — the mid-section that stretches from the shoulder to the pelvis and includes the abdominal muscles, back... | Read»

Smoky spreads

Lightly smoked dishes are the new offerings that are getting top chefs all fired up, says Rahul Verma

A foodie friend of mine wanted to import a smoking gun for flavouring food. He asked his US-based friend to bring him one — much to the latter’s dismay. “What do you think the security guys will do to me when I come... | Read»

In Starbucks country

Seattle's home to the world's most famous coffee chain and Microsoft, and ringed by the beautiful Pacific Northwest countryside, says Arundhati Basu

A fishy kind of theatre was underway in the Pacific Northwest. Dungeness Crabs, royalty amongst the crustacean species in the American West Coast, stared back at us with beady black eyes and fiery orange claws from carts alongside freshly... | Read»

A fine touch

The iPhone 6S’s 3D Touch is its best new feature but the price tag will deter many buyers, says Tushar Kanwar

There are few things that are predictable in tech, and one of them is that every other year, Apple adds an extra ‘S’ badging to the iPhone that’s already been around for a year. It’s these ‘S’ years where... | Read»

Beginner's luck

Landing a role in Chakde! India, quite by chance, proved to be a life-changing event in actress Sagarika Ghatge's career

The defining moment that changed my life completely was landing a role in Shimit Amin’s Chakde! India. Being actively involved with dramatics in school, I knew that I enjoyed acting but never thought that I’d pursue it as a... | Read»