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| Thursday, July 9, 2015 |


In good company

Failed to get admission to an IIT or NIT? Fret not — try for a tech school run by a top industrial group, advises Avijit Chatterjee

For Raghunath Reddy, deciding to study for a BTech at the Mahindra Ecole Centrale College of Engineering (MEC) in Hyderabad was a calculated risk. MEC was a new tech school and neither he nor his parents knew anything about it at all. All he knew... | Read»

Superstitious you

You don’t shave before an exam? Or eat eggs? Do you avoid mynas because you think they bring bad luck? Ishani Banerjee  looks at some superstitions that are prevalent among students

Right before an exam, Pritha sleeps with her textbook under the pillow. Her younger brother Rik laughs at this but makes sure to close his book before he leaves the study table. Rik fears a ghost might read the pages and make him forget what he... | Read»

El Paso and after

Sayan Chakraborty, a doctoral student at North Carolina State University in the US, talks about how he studied at Texas before shifting to North Carolina on a full scholarship, his biochemistry projects and the pleasures of long drives

Q:Why did you choose the University of Texas at El Paso instead of some top university in the US? And why did you decide to study virology?  | Read»

Talk it out

I want to tell my friend that I’ve had a crush on him since high school, but I’m scared he will turn me down and make things awkward between us. He’s really cute, and girls are always flirting with him. I feel insecure when he... | Read»

Eating in the rain

If you don’t want to miss college during the monsoons keep away from salads and juices, says Sharmistha Ghosal

Saloni Gupta loves the rains though they mean that she has to give up her favourite foods. “I virtually live on street food and fruit cocktails but I am keeping away from these now. I don’t want to suffer an upset stomach and miss out... | Read»

Go green


WeSchool and Uday Salunkhe, its group director, has always believed in mentoring management students into globally responsible citizens. This time professor Salunkhe, along with faculty members Anuja Agarwal, Indu Mehta and Vandana Sohoni, got... | Read»