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Saturday , July 4 , 2015

Colour fastness

When the imperial legislative assembly was discussing Indian civil service appointments in 1934, Sundara Sastri Satyamurti of the Congress party asked about qualifications for a particular post. "White colour," called out another Indian ......   | Read..

Ports and pragmatism

Even as India seeks to develop a deep-sea port at Sagar Island to take pressure off the Calcutta-Haldia port system, Bangladesh seems to be looking at two - not one - deep-......   | Read..
Letters to the Editor

Hear nothing

Sir - Those who were expecting the prime minister to pour his heart out on ... | Read»

Slow poison

Sir - If one were to go by the dictionary meaning, food, as things stand to... | Read»

Cold hearts

Sir - It has been reported that the Indian high commissioner to New Zealand... | Read»

Standing still

Sir - I read the news report, "Saga of soul-transfer in Puri", published in... | Read»

Poor taste

Sir - Elections bring out true colours in politicians. The language they re... | Read»

Hard times

Sir - This is regarding the arrest of the Janata Dal (United) legislature, ... | Read»


Sick facts

When the court asserts judges' rights to privacy in response to an RTI query, that principle should apply to everybody facing a similar query...   | Read..

Meaning and morality of One's life come from within oneself ... Life consists of an infinite number of possibilities and the healthy person explores as many of them as possible. Religions that teach pity, self-contempt, humility, self-restraint and guilt are incorrect. The good life is ever changing, challenging, devoid of regret, intense, creative and risky. - FRIEDRICH NIETZCHE

The relief of rain on parched land
Theatre...   | Read..
Diverse melodies
Music/Dance...   | Read..
Where tradition merges with excellence
Music...   | Read..