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| Monday, June 1, 2015 |


The folly of food fads

For decades, saturated fat was a dietary villain. Now, thanks to revised American guidelines, butter is back on the menu. Paul Levy looks at the history of bad science and conflicting advice

Did you have a fry-up for breakfast this morning? Millions of Americans ought to have started the day with bacon and eggs sunny-side up to celebrate the publication of their government's Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA). Revised every five... | Read»

Is this site safe?

BITS & BYTES / Surit Doss

q+a Is there a way for me to figure out if a website is safe or not? I do not want to be swindled by fake websites. | Read»

Set a reminder

I receive many letters from patients distressed over infections of chickenpox, typhoid or jaundice. All these infections are preventable with timely immunisation. If only parents did not forget! | Read»