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Friday , May 22 , 2015
Salt Lake

My child, my challenge

Are you having a hair-raising time in raising your children? Do his or her tantrums drive you to desperation? Then here’s what the doctors are ordering.    | Read..

Sector III road caves in

The road next to Tank 14 Island has caved in. The crater, roughly 12-feet long and more than 5-feet wide, has caved in right next to the island around JD Block in Sector...   | Read..

Tagore on sari, designs on scales

The West Bengal Handicrafts Fair is on at the Aikatan, EZCC, till May 31. Organised by the state department of micro, small and medium enterprises and textile, the fair has...   | Read..

A sizzling summer

  | Read..

Here & there


Hariyana homage

Our school celebrates Rabindra Jayanti every year but this year’s programme was very special to me. That’s because this time I was the head girl of our school and this...   | Read..

Tagore treat all day long

Our school Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan celebrated Rabindra Jayanti on May 8 through a day-long presentation of the bard’s songs and audio drama.   | Read..

Card land in Labony

There were two items in abundance at Labony School on Rabindrajayanti — cards and fans.  The cards were playing cards —hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades — and were in...   | Read..

Theme: The setting sun. Through the lens of Priya Singhi

I am a student of Sri Sri Academy. I love to click pictures of nature, especially of sunsets. I got the inspiration for photography from the photography club in school...   | Read..


Swimming neck-deep in problems   | Read..
My child, my challenge