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Friday , May 22 , 2015

Quake qualms

The main cause of fatalities in earthquakes in India is usually collapsed buildings. For example, the death toll in the Nepal earthquake(s) has already gone beyond 8,500 with several people losing...   | Read..

The naturalists

They have dropped their surnames to adopt a title that they have given themselves. A motley group of 30 or so working towards environmental conservation in the villages of...   | Read..

For the little thespians

He has a way with children and can handle them with ease. Mothers feel secure sending their children to do theatre at Sishurupam, assured that Manab Mukhopadhyay will take...   | Read..

Debnath gets D.Litt.

Narayan Debnath, a senior and popular comics-artist of India, the creator of Handa Bhonda, Bantul The Great and Nonte Phonte, was awarded an honorary...   | Read..

The deity astride a lion

During the Moghul era, when Emperor Akbar had formed the different parganas in Bengal and other states, the Balia Pargana was one of the biggest administrative divisions....   | Read..

Barddhaman takes T20 trophy

Curtains fell on the all-Bengal T20 Championship at Dumurjala on Sunday last with champions Barddhaman Jagannath Samity winning the trophy by seven wickets. Organised by...   | Read..

A show of strength

The 3rd Howrah District and 22nd West Bengal State Strength Lifting Championship was organised by KB’s Gym from May 16-17 at the gym itself. Participants were divided into...   | Read..
Quake qualms