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| Sunday, April 19, 2015 |


Nepal’s billion-dollar man

Industrialist Binod Chaudhary is heaping his plate high with his Wai Wai noodles, hotels, cement factories, industrial parks and a bank, says Paran Balakrishnan

He’s a billionaire who thrives on crisis. Nepal’s richest man snapped up hotels in Sri Lanka when the island was, as he says, “literally on fire”. Today, he’s building a factory in Kenya that will turn out packets of... | Read»

An epic role

Acting in the popular American fantasy series Game of Thrones gave a powerful kick-start to Scottish actor Daniel Portman’s career, says Chitra Anand Papnai

Scottish actor Daniel Portman is definitely ahead of the pack. While most aspiring actors his age were training and honing their acting skills at drama schools, Portman had the cameras rolling for him at the tender age of 19. There he was, amidst... | Read»

Creative haven

Seema Kohli’s house shows her love for art and is filled with splashes of colour in every nook and corner, says Saimi Sattar

Artist Seema Kohli’s home is as vibrant as her paintings. There are splashes of colour everywhere and there’s art spilling from practically every nook. It’s a kaleidoscope of sculptures, handicrafts, photographs, rugs, cushions,... | Read»

Flower power

Edible flowers lend a beautiful colour, taste, texture and aroma to Oriental fare, says Rahul Verma

The magnificent gulmohar tree — with its bright orange blooms — moves us in different ways. Some write poetry, some take pictures, some paint the images in oil — and some  eat them. I belong to the  last group. | Read»

Aussie adventure

It’s all about coral reefs and star-filled skies on a road trip through the wilds of Western Australia, says Arnab Nandy

I was following a couple of brilliantly coloured fish along the fringes of Ningaloo reef when I saw the turtle swimming lazily among the coral reefs. It was around 2ft from head to tail and I definitely had to look around for my friend and... | Read»

Curvy comeback

Samsung’s new flagship phones, the Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge hit all the right buttons and could be big winners, says Tushar Kanwar

Samsung has been under attack on all fronts, be it the iPhone in the premium segment and the armada of more-than-competent budget offerings from Xiaomi, Lenovo and Motorola in the mid-range and budget segments. Something drastic and radical was... | Read»

Highway star

Neil Bhoopalam never looked back after he was picked to be a radio jockey at the age of 19

Life is about different turning points and not just one. As a youngster I was never great at studies. My father was in the aviation industry and often travelled for work. Since my mother missed him a lot, I would try my best to entertain her by... | Read»