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Saturday , March 7 , 2015

Judging the judges

Here, in full, is a recent news item in a New Delhi newspaper: "When former Chief Justice of India and current Kerala Governor P. Sathasivam came to Delhi to attend the wedding reception of B[haratiya] J[anata] P[arty] chief Amit Shah, he als......   | Read..

Smart cities and dull lives

Sitting in Calcutta, a city that has been gasping under the onslaught of blue-and-white beautification (some call it "blutocracy"), it would be a well-deserved re......   | Read..

The master and his craft

Pandit Birju Maharaj (picture), the unparalleled Kathak dancer belonging to the Lucknow Gharana, is still young enough to shake the audience's hearts with his footsteps. Th......   | Read..

Keeping death at bay

Spring arrives every year accompanied by its familiar, gaudy heralds - bare branches heavy with large, flaming red flowers, a mantle of fresh green leaves on trees like tho......   | Read..
Letters to the Editor

Willow power

Sir - Being an ardent cricket fan , I had great expectations of the World C... | Read»

Murder most foul

Sir - The murder of the prominent Bangladeshi-American blogger, Avijit Roy,... | Read»

Parting shot

Sir - I am a resident of Belanagar. It is on the Howrah-Burdwan chord line.... | Read»


Big cats in the cradle

The combination of ignorance and apathy resulted in a senior politician suggesting that wild animals can be saved if they are kept as pets...   | Read..

There are stories of elopements, unrequited love, family feuds, and exhausting vendettas, which everyone was drawn into, had to be involved with. But nothing is said of the closeness between two people: how they grew in the shade of each other's presence. No one speaks of that exchange of gift and character - the way a person took on and recognized in himself the smile of a lover. Individuals are seen only in the context of these swirling tides. It was almost impossible for a couple to do anything without rumour leaving their shoulders like a flock of messenger pigeons. - MICHAEL ONDAATJE

Puzzles inside a box
Historical detection involving travel between continents, comparative cultural analyses and a fecund literary imagination come together in Birla Academy's show, Following the Box, which ends t......   | Read..