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| Thursday, February 19, 2015 |



The Telegraph YOU - your campus buddy - invited students to contribute to a Do It Yourself (DIY) special issue with the aim of providing a platform to talented young students to exhibit their creative spark. The result was a deluge of entries,... | Read»

Script a success story

We asked students to create a storyline for a film on the theme college romance. Here are the top three entries chosen by filmmaker Goutam Ghose

Any storyline or script can be turned into a movie. But the writer or filmmaker should be able to visualise the entire film before he or she sets out to make it. | Read»

Fest fashion

We asked students to create something they would love to wear to their college festival. Here are the top three entries chosen by designer Soumitra Mondal

The clothes you wear to a college fest must be stylish, comfortable and elegant. Your dress should not be too formal or too revealing. After all it's college and you cannot rule out professors, administrators or guardians in the crowd. The design... | Read»

Meals in a jiffy

We asked students to create a 30-minute snack they would love to munch on during study breaks. Here are the top three entries chosen by chef Bhaskar Bhattacharya

An ideal snack for study breaks must be easy to cook and have simple ingredients. You should also be able to make it in a jiffy (so that you do not miss your class or study assignments). At the same time, the nutrition value must be maintained... | Read»

All in a day's work

We asked students to each send three photographs of a person busy at work. Here are the top four entries chosen by photographer Sanat Ghosh

When you go out to click photographs of people in the street, be prepared for the unexpected. You don’t need an expensive camera | Read»