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Wednesday , January 21 , 2015


Sorry state

Sir - The failure of the Defence Research and Development Organization in meeting the country's defence needs is not a comment on the capabilities of its scientists and engineers alone ("Missile boss axe swivels glare on rot", Jan 15). The policies of the government of India relating to this organization are responsible for its present sorry state. From the poor quality of information provided on the website of this organization, one can imagine the rot affecting it today. Successive Indian governments and the military establishment have always relied on imported military equipment for meeting the country's defence needs. The possibility of having corrupt gains in finalizing defence deals with foreign firms may be one of the reasons why imported arms have been preferred over indigenous equipment.

The government has closed its eyes to the inefficient functioning of this organization. The DRDO needs an overall revamp. Its activities could be restricted to the core area of developing military technology, with focus on indigenous research, and the production of equipment within a given time frame. There is also the need to review its administrative structure in order to attract a more talented and focussed work force.

Yours faithfully,

Sanjay Prasad, Calcutta


Without freedom

Sir - The censor board is an independent body which discharges the duty of certification and release of films.The decision to release MSG: The Messenger of God - the film starring the Dera Sacha Sauda head, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh -Politicalstringpullingmakesamockeryofsuchbodies. In the other kind of movie, the old stereotype of a damsel in distress being saved by a muscled knight is played over and over again.If we travel back on the memory lane, we will find that Wherever the party members went, the camera followed; whatever they said was appreciated; if they voiced their preferences, people nodded their head in approval.Once again, the party is raising funds to contest elections in Delhi; the first question that the electorate in Delhi should ask is, why it should vote for the AAP after suffering in the absence of a government for a year. The AAP cannot possibly answer this - it cannot say that it has been bury pitching for power at the Centre all this while. The AAP had generated a lot of hope that the administrative model of the country would be changed. However, the people soon found out that the AAP members were a bundle of nerves, without any legislative or administrative experience, and without any proper ideology to follow. Many of its senior and founder leaders have left the party for good. Arvind Kejriwal remains the only popular leader of his party and he too is a loose canon to the extent that he is an anarchist. Another failing of the AAP is that it does not wish to collaborate with other political parties inside legislative bodies - and this is a recipe for instability. The people of Delhi cannot be taken for a ride. They would rather vote for a stable government that would look after their interests for full five years. AAP should stand now for Arise, Awake and Perish.

Yours faithfully,

Bikash Choudhury, Bhubaneswar

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