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Friday , January 16 , 2015

Burning issues

Sujata Rai, 11, was burnt to death after being raped in July 2013 in Salkia. Rajendra Singh, 52, was burnt to death by criminals engaged by a local promoter when the deal went wrong in September...   | Read..


Residents of Ramrajatala had been eagerly awaiting the new bus stand on Ramcharan Sett Road, hoping that the congestion and traffic jam near Rama temple would be solved....   | Read..

A lensman who turned judge

Asim Bhattacharjee loves to travel. Earlier, while he travelled he took photographs of picturesque landscapes, portraits of local people or other candid moments but today...   | Read..

Cost, illness hit theatre fest

The halls of Sarat Sadan came alive once again with the sound of dialogues, lights and sets of theatre groups. After many months of slumber on the theatre front, the iconic...   | Read..

Spreading colour and fragrance

The annual shows of people’s green thumb skills are invariably a riot of colours and fragrances. Anabil’s ninth flower show at Bechpukur Math, Olabibitala was...   | Read..

Khichri fest at temple fair

The dark road that runs from Makardah to Raghabpur is usually desolate. Cold winter evenings force everyone to stay indoors in this part of the village where even the...   | Read..

Everything that women want 

Right from kantha and tant saris to poppadoms and dried lentil dumplings, there was everything that women want at the Sabala Mela in Domjur. While the fair did not have a...   | Read..
Burning issues