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| Sunday, January 4, 2015 |


Hurtling into the future

We're on the brink of an extraordinary new era with everything from phone cases that will double as heart monitors to in-ear 'hearable' computers that whisper instructions, says Ashish Bhatia

Each passing year on this planet sees an ever-increasing number of geegaws — extraordinary or otherwise — emerge and entice. As we stand on the cusp of the 365 day milestone, more than ever before — tech rules! Smaller form... | Read»

Spicing up the brew

Microbreweries are offering beer in unusual flavours like coffee, bacon, tamarind and even sandalwood, says Susmita Saha

At Vapour, Gurgaon’s high-on-buzz pub, microbrewery and alfresco restaurant, the smell of pumpkin and cinnamon hangs heavy in the air. The resto-bar is abuzz with activity, as owner Vikram Rana along with brewmaster Pankaj Gupta pours the... | Read»

A fresh focus

The farm-to-fork movement is all about using the freshest ingredients and Indian chefs have also jumped on the bandwagon, says Rahul Verma

Once, during one of my trips to Landour near the Mussoorie Hills, I met a very interesting Irishman. He was a gardener, he told me, and specialised in hotel landscaping. And his forte was growing vegetables instead of flowers in the front gardens... | Read»

On the Inca trail

Machu Picchu, the city that escaped the depredations of the Spanish conquistadores, is one of South America's most awesome destinations, says Swati Agarwal

Machu Picchu — the very name had an intriguing ring. The more I read about the abandoned, ancient stone city set in the midst of stunning terrain, the more it captivated me. The distant destination quickly moved to the top of my travel... | Read»

A shot in the dark

HTC's Re is an innovative point-and-shoot camera that looks more like an asthmatic's inhaler but has a few kinks that need to be ironed out, says Tushar Kanwar

Wait a minute, is this a fancy looking Asthalin inhaler for asthmatics or an elbow pipe from a plumber’s arsenal? Alternatively, if your first thought was “Up Periscope”, you’d be fairly close to what the HTC Re really is... | Read»

In perfect harmony

Kathak dancer Uma Sharma has broken new ground and is reaching out to younger people through music and dance

All the turning points in my life have in some way or other been connected to music and dance. An important milestone in my life came in the late ’60s when Suresh Awasthi, a scholar and a friend, encouraged me to go to Brindavan and read... | Read»