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| Sunday, January 4, 2015 |

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All fogged out

Delhi airport is equipped with one of the most sophisticated instrument landing systems, which uses a combination of radio signals and high intensity lighting to accurately guide an incoming aircraft to land when visibility is poor. Yet last week dense fogs threw flight schedules haywire in Delhi. Why? T.V. Jayan finds out   

Last week, the unrelenting fog in Delhi managed to do what the Opposition couldn't. It grounded Prime Minister Narendra Modi - albeit temporarily. The thick blanket of fog that enveloped the Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA) in New Delhi... | Read»

Make sure you look good online

A new breed of professionals ensures that your image remains unsullied by unfavourable comments online, say Prasun Chaudhuri and Avijit Chatterjee 

Cyberspace never forgets. Ask Anil Tyagi, a software engineer in Bangalore who recently divorced his wife of three years. When anyone searched for his name on Google, it threw up a news item saying... | Read»

Salt of the earth? Not quite

Indians are consuming more salt than is good for them, says T.V. Jayan — and the government is considering launching a campaign to limit salt intake

Did you have a boiled egg with some tomato ketchup on the side for breakfast, and then eat what you thought was a light soy-dressed salad for lunch? Did you snack on canned nuts because you have... | Read»

Hello, Lorna

Konkani singer Lorna Cordeiro is back in the news with a controversy triggered by a film on her life. Reena Martins meets the reclusive crooner

It's late evening in old Mumbai's Dhobitalao area, a place that once bustled with Irani cafes and Goan musicians. The only rambling Irani cafe with dainty cream cakes on the shelf is winding down... | Read»