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Monday , October 27 , 2014

Star bright

An international team of astronomers has caught a stellar vampire spitting out in “real time” what it devoured from a companion star. This incident happened 15,000 years ago but could be seen on earth only last year as the stars are very, very far away — about 15,000 light years, t...  | Read.. 
Star bright
BSNL too slow
q+a I am planning to take a BSNL broadband connection that offers 512 kbps up to 4GB and 256 kbps after the 4GB limit is reached. Is 256 kbps good enough to download movies? The BSNL landline service is good in our area. ...  | Read.. 
Sleep, sweet sleep
The amount we sleep and wake is not a random occurrence. It is regulated by complex chemical transmitters in our brain. During the day, activity caus ...  | Read..