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Monday , October 20 , 2014

A love affair with maths

One of the vital clues in solving the murder in the first chapter of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code was a disordered Fibonacci sequence. It is one of those sequences that people with even a superficial interest in numbers have heard of. But Manjul Bhargava, the Indian-origin mathematicia...  | Read.. 
A love affair with maths
LG’s new computer
Most people working long hours on computers prefer a desktop, but buying a new one could prove to be costly, especially if you have to buy Windows with it. If you are not into gaming and you need a computer for just basic things take a look at LGR ...  | Read.. 
I feel giddy
Q: I have had giddiness for the last year. I have been taking vertin tablets and have gradually...  | Read..