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Friday , October 10 , 2014

Jazz it up

Whatever be your outfit of the day, an accessory can take your look to a whole new level.Here are the top 10 trends to try...   | Read..

Lindsay wants it back

The bar was so dark I could hardly see Lindsay Lohan’s face, but her bee-stung lips were the centre of attention, and h...   | Read..

Desi girl Kajol

Kajol made quite a style splash in her saris at the United Nations General Assembly session recently. She spoke to t2 ...   | Read..

Self-obsessed Paayel

It must have been a lot of fun playing the young Aparna Sen in Chotushkone......   | Read..

What bookworm, the pyb (pretty young bibliophile), has been reading this festive season.

Real Hermione: “YES!!!!!!!!!!!! People, we have a winner!” Imagine the J.K. Rowling tweeting that and tagging you!...   | Read..


Some remembered how they drew rivers on maps in geography class. Others recalled grabbing each other’s tiffin box durin...   | Read..

S-Oktoberfest, in association with t2, at swissotel was beer-y good!

Oktoberfest is famous for being the world’s largest fun fair. It happens in Germany. And also in Calcutta! The city enj...   | Read..

t2 checked into Taj Bengal (before its 25th birthday today!) to trail some of THE FINER details to the table and the room

CROISSANT at the breakfast buffet...   | Read..

Kunal Nayyar on batting for the cricket docu beyond all boundaries and being Raj in the big bang theory

Kunal Nayyar, the Indian-origin actor who found fame playing the nerdy and socially-awkward Dr Raj Koothrappali in sma...   | Read..

Anjan Dutt’s Abani Opera

fter playing the maverick Galileo, Anjan Dutt returned to stage as a singer-songwriter with Abani Opera, which...   | Read..