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| Sunday, August 31, 2014 |



Medical mission

South Indian film producers have jumped on the medical TV serial bandwagon after the runaway success of serials like Grey's Anatomy and House in India. The first one to hit the Tamil TV screen is Uyirmei, which has made a casting coup of sorts by signing up actress Amala (wife of Telugu superstar Nagarjuna) and an animal rights activist in the lead role. The serial's creative director, Priya V., a well-known film director herself, agrees that a major highlight of the serial is Amala. "She has this positive aura about her. If anyone should play a doctor, it is her." Priya, who is all set to enter Bollywood and is doing a Hindi remake of the Malayalam film Koodu Evadu, promises the serial will show women with "dignity". We look forward to that.

Social music

It's always nice to talk of peace when the world is at war wherever you turn. That's what Smriti Lala's Rag-Anurag Music Research Academy in Calcutta is doing. Its latest presentation is titled "Peace" and will be held on September 7 at the Birla Sabhaghar. This piece is the third in a series and talks about the evils of consumerism that has gripped our society, the travails of the old and young and their search for peace. The previous two pieces, "Crisis" and "Journey", came out in 2012 and 2013, respectively. Evidently, though Lala's academy is a music centre, it is one with a strong social focus.

Ring queen

Mumtaz Sorcar is no featherweight. In fact, the daughter of magician P.C. Sorcar Junior is well on her way to becoming a acting heavyweight playing as she is the role of a boxer in the Tamil film Irudhi Sutru. Apparently she will be coached in boxing — by none other than actor Madhavan. The film, which is currently being shot 40km outside Chennai, has created a lot of buzz with intense speculation about Madhavan's look in it. But what we really want to know is if Mumtaz, rather than Priyanka Mary Kom Chopra, will turn out to be the queen of the ring. Wait and watch.

Salaam Nargis

In India, a guard of honour isn't reserved only for heads of states. Last week, Bollywood actor Nargis Fakhri proved that film stars are eligible as well. When she was in Karnataka's Nagerhole forest reserve to shoot for a save-the-tiger ad campaign, the pouting Pakistani actor received a ceremonious guard of honour from the entire team of the Special Tiger Protection Force at the national park. The men were asked to leave their work for the day and be available to participate in the salute. A wildly sexy Fakhri and plain vanilla tigers? Hey, that's a no contest!

French connection

Is Anurag Kashyap moving to Paris? Well, that's what everyone says. Apparently, the filmmaker will move to Paris soon after the release of his ambitious project, Bombay Velvet, next year. Kashyap, who has films like Lootera and Queen to his credit, has not denied the rumour either. "The only thing true is my moving out but it's not going to happen in the immediate future. I have a lot to finish here. And I only have stories that I want to turn into films in India. So even if I move, it will be a temporary and partial move." Well, we certainly don't want Kashyap to start a brain drain in the film industry.