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My Take

Achilles heel

Panoply of mires

serried in the way, crumbling me like a piece of clay,

Viciously crafting

me against my choice

Into things so

lubricious, so sinister,

so vice.

Fate is playing me like

a hoopla ring.

My protest discarded, I keep on drowning

Into an ocean of my

past mistakes;

My upheaval decisions, my mindless stakes.

Pesky, babbled

intonations tearing my ears, Throat getting sliced, mercy

becomes mere. And

ironically, my eyes

are left so see my

carnage My sins

getting counted even more than my age

I realize, now, the

importance of one

tiny miss Which can

take away all your

purchased bliss. I rue the moment I disclosed what I feel,In the flow of emotions, I evinced my Achilles heel.

Venu Gopal
Class XII