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Donation drive eyes youths

Eye donation campaigns boast the right vision.

To spread the good word about cornea donation, Roshni — a Jamshedpur-based NGO affiliated to the Eye Bank Association of India — is all set to rope in schools, corporate houses and service clubs into the National Blindness Eradication Fortnight that will be launched on Monday.

This is the second time that Roshni is organising this event. “There are many myths associated with eye donation and we want to bust those,” said assistant secretary of Roshni Ashu Tiwary.

Members of Roshni will organise panel discussions on related topics to make students understand the issue of cornea donation. Tiwary is working out the schedule of the various presentations.

Apart from discussions, there will be a number of competitions too.

On September 2, the schools will host an essay writing contest on the topic make your presence in this world worthwhile. Two best entries from each school will be judged by Roshni members. Besides, the cradles will host a nukkad natak competition — the theme for which is myths related to eye donation — at Sakchi roundabout on September 7.

Not only youngsters, senior citizens too will be a part of this drive. A panel discussion on ‘Eye donation is still a victim of social stigma’ will be held for them.

Roshni members are also planning to organise eye screening camps in Chandil and Galudih. Besides, dropboxes will be placed at public places like banks and hospitals for people to submit pledge forms.

A day after the fortnights concludes, the Jain community, which is the largest cornea donors across the city, will organise another presentation at Udani Jain Bhavan in Bistupur.

So far, the steel city has a poor cornea donation statistics. This fiscal, there has been only eight donations. According to social crusaders, the small figure suggests that people are still conservative or reluctant when it comes to cornea donation.