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Know your laws & duties

Jharkhand Legal Services Authority (Jhalsa) is all set to launch an elaborate campaign in the capital to inform school and college students about their rights, duties and some of the important laws of the land.

Jhalsa executive chairman and Jharkhand High Court acting Chief Justice D.N.Patel, who conceived the idea, said, “Public awareness of laws is mandatory to check offences. Students are young minds who need guidance and will mature with time. It is important to instil rules and laws in students to make them better citizens.”

To make its campaign effective, Jhalsa will be distributing pamphlets with details of laws and punishments for specific offences committed everyday life.

Jhalsa member secretary S.K. Dubey said the pamphlets had been designed and would be sent for printing so that they were ready within a fortnight when the campaign was likely to take off.

The pamphlets would contain excerpts of laws on ragging, consumer protection, domestic violence against women, child marriage, child labour and eve-teasing, Dubey said.

The pamphlets, to be printed in colour, will be in simple Hindi so that students can understand the contents easily.

For example, the pamphlets will explain the consequences of ragging and how a student can fight it and inform the authorities.

The rules also give directions to school and colleges to form specific committees to control ragging.

Laws on domestic violence and Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act will also find detailed explanation in the pamphlet.

“Above all, the objective behind circulating the pamphlets by Jhalsa is to send the message that if students cannot register their complaints with the authorities, they can inform Jhalsa which will take up the matter,” Dubey said.

Justice Patel explained the idea of duties that individuals had towards the state. “Everyone is concerned about their rights, but no one is bothered about their duties. We have certain duties and obligations towards our country,” he told The Telegraph.

“The Constitution provides for certain duties towards the country as a whole for every individual. To oppose the atrocities towards women, to accept and tolerate the religion of others and abstain from violence are some of the duties expected of citizens of the country,” Justice Patel said.

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