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Monday , August 18 , 2014
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14-year-old remand home inmate cries sodomy horror

National Human Rights Organisation (NHRO) functionaries are probing into an allegation of forced sodomy performed on a 14-year-old inmate of Jamshedpur’s Ghaghidih remand home by a senior and his friends on the night of August 15.

NHRO functionaries inspected the remand home on Saturday afternoon and warned home in-charge Sandhya Rani, also the child development programme officer of Jugsalai block that they would demonstrate against her.

A member of the human rights organisation (Jamshedpur unit) Alen Lakra said that the teenager, a Class VIII student of an English-medium school, was sent to the remand home on August 13 in connection with a vehicle-lifting case registered with Kadma police.

When his mother visited the remand home on Saturday morning, the tearful boy did not speak to her.

Worried about their boy’s safety, the parents contacted the NHRO. Immediately swinging into action, the human rights outfit members visited the remand home and questioned the boy what was wrong. The boy confessed a senior inmate performed sodomy on him on the night of August 15 inside a toilet after undressing him with the help of his friends.

“Though the boy’s parents are visiting him everyday, he could not initially tell them about the brutality. He told the human rights functionaries. The parents had also accompanied the team,” Lakra said.

“He doesn’t want to stay in the remand home anymore. He is terrified,” Lakra added. “We consulted the home’s in-charge on isolating the younger boys from the older ones among the juveniles housed at the remand home.”

Currently, the Ghaghidih-based remand home has over 45 inmates between the ages nine and 18 years. As many as 20 are between nine and 12 years of age. The rest are supposed to be between 13 and 18 years old but in the absence of bone and teeth records and fudged age certificates, many might be older.

Parsudih police station OC Dayanand Kumar said the alleged sodomy was a matter of probe, but conceded younger boys faced assault from the older ones.

“From the statements of inmates, we have gathered that the 14-year-old who came to the remand home four days ago had been assaulted by a senior inmate who has been made a monitor. We have segregated younger boys, including the 14-year-old, from the senior after getting the complaint,” Kumar told The Telegraph. He added that the alleged abuser was stated to be 18 but could be older.

Remand home in-charge and child development programme officer Sandhya Rani stayed incommunicado on Sunday.