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Monday , August 18 , 2014
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Fake cop’s job bluff called

A 23-year-old man masquerading as a sub-inspector of Calcutta police has been arrested after he was caught accepting money for a cop job he had promised to a youth.

Syed Mohammed Arshi from Rai Charan Ghosh Lane in Tiljala had asked Asish Ghosh of Baguiati to pay him Rs 6 lakh for a job in Calcutta police for his brother-in-law. He was picked up from Tiljala on Saturday night after he fell into a trap set by the cops.

Officers said Arshi used to go around in the white uniform of sub-inspectors and claim that he was posted at Beniapukur police station. He even rode a motorcycle with Calcutta police stickers and labels.

Officers at Tiljala police station got wind of “a fraud in uniform” promising jobs in Calcutta police a few days ago. Investigation led them to Asish Ghosh of Baguiati, who had paid Rs 40,000 by the time the cops contacted him.

“We asked him to contact Arshi again and tell him that the second instalment is ready. Arhi came to the assigned spot and we nabbed him the moment he took the money,” said an officer.

The officers realised after the arrest that Arshi was the same man who used to pretend to be journalist for a TV channel, often visit Tiljala police station and chat with the cops.

“He told us that he used to put on his uniform and walk into wedding parties pretending to be an officer posted in the area.... and have food there,” an officer said.