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Tuesday , August 12 , 2014
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Below-50 majority hint in Shah team

BJP president Amit Shah’s team of office-bearers will be announced this week and is expected to indicate who is in, who goes up and who is out....   | Read..

Sachin granted leave

Sachin Tendulkar’s request to skip the rest of Parliament’s ongoing session has been granted by the Rajya Sabha....   | Read..

Greenpeace storm in green-tea cup

Several brands of tea produced in India for the domestic and export markets are contaminated with potentially hazardous pesticides, including some not approved for use in...   | Read..

RS timings changed

The Rajya Sabha’s Zero Hour, when issues of national importance can be raised without notice, will be slotted at 11am or as soon as the House convenes for the day from ...   | Read..

Minors out of dahi handi

Bombay High Court today banned use of minors in human pyramids for dahi handi celebrations, two days after a 14-year-old boy died of injuries suffered in a fall wh...   | Read..
The security cover for Indian cricket team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been downgraded to Y from Z category by the Jharkhand government, the stat ...  | Read
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bullet Body at Selja home
bullet Italy PM prod
bullet House post
bullet Ebola scan

Army chief at China frontier

Army chief General Dalbir Singh today visited parts of the frontier with China in eastern Ladak...   | Read..

Target Modi in WTO hitback

The Congress today claimed Narendra Modi had “shocked the entire world by his lack of kno...   | Read..

TN goonda bill to check sex crimes

The Tamil Nadu government has introduced a bill that seeks to bring sexual offenders and cyber criminals under the Goond...   | Read..

Green zone project rush

The standing committee of the national wildlife board is considering clearing more than 100 projects spread across 80 ec...   | Read..

Typhoid data raise drug overuse spectre

The share of typhoid caused by multi-drug resistant germs in Calcutta has nearly doubled over the past five years, possi...   | Read..

Bill to end obsolete acts

A bill was introduced in the Lok Sabha today to repeal 36 acts that have “outlived their utility”, including one...   | Read..

Nod for UPA Jat quota

The NDA government has supported in the Supreme Court its predecessor UPA’s decision to provide reservation benefi...   | Read..

Cong sympathy for critic

The Congress leadership has referred the outburst of a former MP, one of the voices of criticism since the Lok Sabha ele...   | Read..

Rao crack at IISc meddlers

C.N.R Rao has targeted higher education authorities for meddling with the academic affairs of the Indian Institute of Sc...   | Read..

RJs above 35 face test

All India Radio’s “oldies” will now need to pass a voice-and-skill test to retain their jobs....   | Read..

Govt gets new spokesperson

A.P. Frank Noronha has taken over as the chief spokesperson for the Union government after his predecessor Neelam Kapur ...   | Read..