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Friday , August 8 , 2014
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Fresh chances in a new day

Patna Women’s College students perform at the dance competition to celebrate monsoon on the campus. Picture by Ranjeet Kumar Dey

Students and faculty of St Xavier’s College and St Xavier’s College of Management and Technology organised the feast of Jesuit institution founder St Ignatius of Loyola last Thursday.

Institutions all over the world celebrate the feast on July 31. Ignatius founded the Jesuit Order, the Society of Jesus that runs several institutions such as St Xavier’s College and St Michael’s School.

The cultural programme hosted at St Xavier’s College began with lighting of the lamp. Later, song-and-dance routines and skits were held. A short one-act play depicting the life and teachings of St Ignatius was also staged.

St Xavier’s College and Teachers’ Training Institute, Sanjivan Niwas, Patna, also played a basketball match.

Principal Father T. Nishant S.J., vice-principal Father Sushil Bilung S.J. and others graced the feast.

Green data use

The correct use of statistical data is a must for desired results, especially in measuring environmental factors. Wrong use of the data, however, can create blunders.

Environmental statistics expert Ashis Sengupta expressed the concern at a talk held at the Central University of Bihar on August 1.

Arun Kumar Sinha, head of department, statistics, Central University of Bihar, introduced him at the talk on directional statistics: theory and applications.

Students, researchers and faculty members of the central university attended the lecture. Sengupta also explained the ways to measure environment pollution with the use of variables such as air quality measurement of pollutants, temperature and wind direction.

Welcome rains

A heady concoction of folk music and Bollywood numbers was on the Patna Women’s College stage last Thursday. The occasion was a dance competition to welcome monsoon.

Participants rocked the dance floor, err stage, with synchronised performances leaving the audience spellbound and craving for more. Right from classy Bollywood numbers to traditional and earthy Bhojpuri songs, the event had something for everybody.

Eleven groups of girls took the stage and gave electrifying performances to Barso re megha, Sawan mein rimjhim and Megha re megha.

Principal Doris D’Souza gave away the prizes to the winners and spoke about the importance of rains.

The college also held its freshers’ day on July 31 where the new cabinet took oath. College students form the cabinet to look after the institution’s extra-curricular activities.

Time for newbies

Patna Women’s College was not the only one last week welcoming newbies to the campus.

At Magadh Mahila College, the stage was decorated in a pink-and-white combination for the freshers’ day organised by Part III students.

Among the different events, 18 new students from different departments walked the ramp. In the first round, they had to walk in beautiful gowns. The second round was Punjabi-themed and the girls wore Patiala suits. The penultimate round saw them in a corporate look, while saris rocked the ramp in the final round.

JD Women’s College also held its induction meet the same day.

Inaugurating the programme, principal Subhash Chandar Sinha advised the students to simultaneously take admission in UGC-sponsored add-on courses for better job prospects.

Good joints

Bihar Orthopaedic Association organised an awareness programme, as part of its Bone and Joint Week celebrations, at Patna Women’s College last Thursday.

Surgeons associated with the association said sunbathing was an important step in getting vitamin D in the body.

Rajeev Anand, the treasurer of the association, told the students: “A 10-minute exposure to morning sun is the easiest way to ensure the balance of vitamin D in the body. While maintaining the vitamin-D requirement in a child is 400 international units, it is 800-1,000 international units for adults. Applying sunscreen lotion too much is not good, as it blocks sunrays from reaching the skin.”

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