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Thursday , August 7 , 2014

Putin orders food import curbs

Finland warned today that Russian retaliation against EU sanctions could push its economy into crisis, while President Vladimir Putin ordered curbs on food imports from countries that join the western action over Ukraine....   | Read..

Gaza truce holds as talks begin

A Gaza truce was holding today as Egyptian mediators pursued talks with Israeli and Palestinian representatives on an enduring end to a war that has devastated the Hamas Isla...   | Read..

Pakistan braces for wave of protests

Pakistan’s civilian government is bracing for a wave of protests this month, days after the military took responsibility for securing the capital amid the threat of mil...   | Read..

Spacecraft pulls alongside comet

After 10 years and a journey of four billion miles, the European Space Agency’s Rosetta spacecraft arrived at its destination today for the first extended, close ex...   | Read..
A picture taken from a video shows commuters pushing a train car to free a passengerís leg trapped between the train and the platform in Perth. (AFP)
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bulletEbola appeal

Boris says he will run for Parliament

British politics is suddenly in a state of turmoil with Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, set...   | Read..

Jerry recipe for health: smoking, drinking, sex

Jerry Hall recommends more sex as a good way of keeping fit and shedding the calories. ...   | Read..