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Wednesday , August 6 , 2014

The uses of outrage

There have been two appalling human tragedies during July: the three week-long fighting between Israel and the Palestinians, and the shooting down of a Malaysian civilian airliner on a regular flight over eastern Ukraine. ...   | Read..
Letters to the Editor
Diplomatic crisis
Sir The Sri Lanka government tendered an unqualified apology to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and ...  | Read.. 
Sliding disaster
Sir In yet another frightening incident of natural disaster, the entire village of Malin in the ...  | Read.. 
Ancient tradition
Sir It is heartening that the Supreme Court judge, A.R. Dave, has underlined the need for Indians ...  | Read.. 


Symbolism has its place in foreign policy, but it is never a substitute for substance. Narendra Modi struck the right notes, ...   | Read..


A nation administered by civil servants who feel victimized when asked to demonstrate the aptitude of schoolgoing 15-year-old...   | Read..
For the people
Brazil is in a soup, thanks to the colossal expenses it bore to build the massive infrastructure for the World Cup. So much s...  | Read.. 
Raiders of the high seas
Aman Kumar Sharma, 23, feels he is lucky to be alive. He could easily have been shot dead by Somali pirates, who had hijacked their Malaysian cargo vessel MV Albedo off the co...  | Read.. 
Legal FAQs
Q: I got married in 2009 and my marriage was not consummated. My mother-in-law also harassed me. I returned to my parents in 2011. My husband and in-laws did not contact me ti...  | Read..