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Wednesday , August 6 , 2014
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Mixed bag

A ranchi theatre group reprises a habib tanvir classic, while a jamshedpur cradle celebrates friendship. Plus, culture week at dps Bokaro

Paradox Play

Artistes stage Charandas Chor at Marwari College auditorium in Ranchi on Sunday. (Prashant Mitra)

It was made in 1975, but it’s still relevant and its popularity has not diminished even a bit. So, when Ranchi-based theatre group Exposure staged Charandas Chor — a children’s film made by noted director Shyam Benegal based on the famous play by Habib Tanvir, which was again an adaptation of a classical Rajasthani folktale by Vijaydan Detha — at Marwari College auditorium on Sunday evening, they naturally earned standing ovation.

The play charts the tumultuous life of a petty thief, Charandas. Curiously he is a man of principles — an honest thief with a strong sense of integrity and professional efficiency. He makes four vows to his Guru — he would never eat in a gold plate, never lead a procession that is in his honour, never become a king and never marry a princess. Later, his guru adds a fifth one and that was never to tell a lie. But, by the turn of events, he becomes famous and is eventually offered the seat of political power that he has to refuse. Later, a princess gets enchanted by him and proposes to marry him. This is when his refusal costs him his life. As he is put to death, he illustrates the inherent paradox in human existence, where truthful existence is impossible.

Working with a bunch of new actors, NSD alumnus Sanjay Lal proved what it takes to be a good director. He executed a well-planned production, complete with choreography and stagecraft. “They had never acted in any full-length play before this. Some had basic exposure to acting,” said Lal.

However, a little more attention should have been given to the light and sound arrangements, felt noted filmmaker Meghnath. He, however, added, “Since almost the entire cast consisted of new actors, we should not take their lapses so seriously.”

Some of the actors like Shiv Kumar who played Charandas were promising.

Friendship and fun

Students participate in Convergence-2014 at JH Tarapore School. (Bhola Prasad)

To commemorate Friendship Day, JH Tarapore School hosted Convergence-2014, a two-day inter-school festival, on its Dhatkidi campus with Loyola School principal Father Sebastian Puthenpura inaugurating the event

WHEN: August 1 & 2

WHAT: As many as 24 schools of Jamshedpur took part in programme, designed for class V students to inculcate team spirit. So, instead of competition, the days were packed with interactive activities, fun learning and excitement


Making Friends: Groups of students were named on various gemstones as 2014 is being celebrated as International Year of Crystallography

Magic of English: A workshop where children were taught the proper use of the language in their daily lives

Paper Magic: Souvik Saha, a cartoonist and social worker, conducted the session

Dhoom Macha Le: A dance and music programme

Baker Sisters: Students were taught delicious preparations without using fire and given tips on fuel efficient cooking

Fun with Numbers: A session on, you guessed it, maths


“The competition here is not against schools but teams which comprise students from various schools. This is a non-competitive festival, but we do have a prize distribution ceremony for the winning teams. The idea is to spread love, friendship and togetherness,” said Lata Sharat, principal of JH Tarapore School.

Dancing stars

Students of DPS, Bokaro, perform on campus on August 1. (Pankaj Singh)

What: Concluding day of Culture Week at Delhi Public School (DPS), Bokaro

When: August 1

Where: On campus

The Culture Week at DPS, Bokaro, which began from July 28, came to a fitting end on August 1 with a special function called Dance Drama that gave a wonderful opportunity to the students to explore their both dancing and acting skills.

An inter-house competition, the event saw the participants putting up performances based on spiritual leaders and saints like Sai Baba, Swami Vivekananda, Kalidas, Surdas, Meera Bai and Gautam Buddha. Chenab House bagged the first position with a stellar performance depicting the transition in the life of Gautam Buddha.

Jhelum House, which presented the life of Surdas, came second followed by Sutlej and Jamuna, which were declared joint third. The judges were DPS schoolteachers Kalpana Mallick, Sweety, Anil Kimar and Maitrai Sinha. Dr Hemlata S. Mohan, director and principal of DPS-Bokaro, congratulated the winners, saying the Culture Week offered a glorious platform to the students to showcase their talents in performing arts through healthy competitions. The primary section of the school, which is located in Sector V, also celebrated its Culture Week, which came to an end on August 1.

The theme of the day for the junior section was patriotic songs. Jhelum House came first followed by Chenab. Sutlej and Ravi House jointly bagged the third position. The groups were judged by teachers Vicky Anand Pathak, R.N. Gupta and Pompy Banerjee.