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Wednesday , August 6 , 2014
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Banana bait ends monkey business

The free run of a monkey, which had unleashed a reign of terror at a Mango residential complex over the past fortnight, finally ended on Tuesday.

The Mango forest range office sent a team to capture the simian that had somehow sneaked into Dalma Enclave and had been terrorising its 700-odd occupants, sometimes even inflicting injuries on children and women.

The harried residents eventually contacted the local forest office, which got cracking on Tuesday.

A four-member team, including forester Dinesh Kumar and Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary guard Kaleshwar Bhagat, swung into action around 11am. The forest staff laid a trap for the monkey and captured it. They then took it away and released it at Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary.

“We requisitioned a cage from Tata Steel Zoological Park for trapping the monkey. We kept a dozen bananas inside the 3x3ft cage and kept the inlet open. As soon as the monkey tried to reach the bananas, the inlet shut, trapping its hands. We then captured it and took it away to the forests around 2pm,” forester Kumar told The Telegraph.

Dalma Enclave Welfare Society’s secretary Abhishek Tiwary expressed relief, saying the same monkey had slipped into the compound some six months ago but went away on its own.

“The monkey was playful, but aggressive. It used to enter the flats and sometimes sat on the children’s bicycles. Some 11 children and women were also injured by the animal. It’s a huge relief for us that the monkey has finally gone. We are keeping our fingers crossed that it doesn’t come back again,” he said.

Several residents agreed with Tiwary, but admitted that initially, they had been friendly to the monkey.

“Initially, we were very kind to the animal. We even offered it food but it soon became a menace for us. Our children were often chased and injured by the monkey. Morning walkers and women were troubled too. Many stopped venturing out of their homes, fearing the monkey would attack. I thank the forest people for helping us get rid of it,” said Dinesh Rai, a transporter who lives at Dalma Enclave.

Homemaker Pratibha Singh added that taking a walk inside the compound had become dangerous as no one knew when the monkey would strike. “I thank the forest team for trapping and taking away the monkey. Things will now be normal once again,” she smiled.

The Dalma Enclave is a residential complex of 110 flats. Mostly businessmen and salaried employees live here.