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Wednesday , August 6 , 2014

Cameron minister quits over Gaza

Sayeeda Warsi, the only Muslim woman in David Cameron’s government, resigned today as senior foreign office minister after condemning Britain’s pro-Israel policy in Gaza as “morally indefensible”....   | Read..

Ceasefire holds as Israel withdraws

Israel announced that it had withdrawn its forces from Gaza and Hamas said it would engage in talks on a lasting arrangement to keep the peace as a 72-hour cease-fire med...   | Read..

Afghan soldier kills US general in Kabul

An Afghan soldier killed a US general and wounded 14 coalition troops in a machinegun attack at a military training facility in Kabul, a top western official and a senior Afg...   | Read..

Egypt plans new canal alongside the Suez

Egypt said today it plans to build a new Suez Canal alongside the existing 145-year-old historic waterway in a multi-billion dollar project to expand trade along the fastest ...   | Read..

Jet escorts plane to UK

An RAF Typhoon fighter was scrambled to escort a passenger plane into Manchester Airport after the crew received a threat about a “device” on board....   | Read..
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