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Saturday , August 2 , 2014
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Seat shock
- Yes, colleges have a long way to go, but pruning students isnít the best solution

The Medical Council of Indiaís (MCI) letter to the Centre saying RIMS (Ranchi) and PMCH (Dhanbad), with poor infrastructure and faculty crunch, donít deserve 150 and 100 MBBS seats, and would be better off with 90 and 50, respectively, got everybody in a tizzy. The medical panelís displeasure at MGM in Jamshedpur is also apparent.

In latest of damage-control activities, principal secretary health B.K. Tripathi wrote to the MCI on Wednesday, promising to abide by the panelís guidelines. Though Dr C.V. Bhirmanandham, vice president of the MCI executive committee, says ďthere are no hard feelingsĒ, The Telegraph asks new students ó who have the most to lose if thereís a seat cut ó as well as their seniors, principals and a health department boss for candid takes


Are you scared of losing your medical seat?

Arvind Kumar (RIMS): No

Divyashri Srivastava (PMCH): Yes, I am scared. We worked very hard to clear the entrance exams

Do you agree with the MCIís observations regarding your medical college?

Arvind (RIMS): Yes to some extent

Divyashri (PMCH): There is manpower crisis, but we have new buildings coming up

What do you want authoritiesto do?

Divyashri (PMCH): Please donít slash seats. Please give our college time to rectify matters


Do you agree with the MCIís observations regarding your medical college?

Chandan Kumar (final-year MBBS, RIMS): Yes. The quality of education is very good but in terms of infrastructure I am not satisfied

Santosh Kumar (final-year MBBS, RIMS): Yes. The MCIís observations were just what we had been feeling through the past four years

Pramendra Kumar Singh (final-year MBBS, PMCH): Some of the observations regarding lack of manpower crunch and defunct CT scan machine are true

Somnath Mardi (final-year MBBS, PMCH): Yes. Particularly manpower crunch. In departments such as psychiatry and radiology, there are no specific teachers. Microbiology, anaesthesia, dental, paediatrics and ENT are also badly hit. The library has three staffers against the sanctioned seven

Navin Prakash (final-year MBBS, MGM): Yes, our college lacks infrastructure for 100 students

Should some seats in your college be scrapped?

Chandan (RIMS): We were the last batch in RIMS to have 90 students. After our batch, seats were increased to 150 (in 2011). If we felt infrastructure is not enough for 90, how can it be adequate for 150?

Anand (first-year PG, RIMS): Scrapping seats is no solution. Letís upgrade infrastructure

Pramendra (PMCH): No. Seats were increased because Jharkhand and India need doctors. Reducing seats will foil the purpose

Navin (MGM): It would be better if the seats are scrapped and in return quality education is provided

As a would-be doctor, which infrastructure lacuna affects you the most?

Chandan (RIMS): Apart from excellent teachers, everything else including hostels, classrooms need improvement

Santosh (RIMS): The library is so small that we have no place to sit. We need to study a lot. But there's no place. Where will freshers sit?

Somnath (PMCH): CT scan and ultrasonography machines are either defunct or substandard. We donít have MRI equipment

Navin (MGM): Faculty crunch, poor quality of labs and library. Mostly, junior residents teach us


Who is responsible for the infrastructure/ faculty lacunae in medical colleges?

B.K. Mishra, joint secy: If MCI has pointed out certain grey areas, we need not discuss whether those exist or not, or if they do, why they do and to what extent. Rather, please let us focus on developing the institutes as per MCI directions


Who is responsible for infrastructure/ faculty lacunae, the state or college management?

Dr SK Choudhary, RIMS officiating director: I admit there are concerns regarding infrastructure and faculty crunch but upgrades need time. There has been no lack of effort on our part or that of the state

P.K. Senger, PMCH principal: No one. The state had placed ads for posts of professors and associate professors. Senior teachers generally do not want to move out from their existing workplace so we didnít get enough response. We need to promote our own lecturers

A.N. Mishra, MGM principal: I canít comment. Decisions on recruitment and funds allocation come from the state

Your views?

Choudhary (RIMS): Let us be optimistic. We wonít lose seats.

Our health minister (Rajendra Prasad Singh) is trying his best efforts.

lSenger (PMCH): We should not lose seats. We have spacious classrooms, laboratories, hostels. The college building came up in the í70s when it was a private institution with around 150 seats and therefore classrooms are spacious. We are upgrading our infrastructure constantly ó library-cum-exam building, 500-seat auditorium, hostels for boys and girls

lMishra (MGM): The main thing is that our students are doing well. Our shortcomings are minor. Our health secretary visited our institution earlier this month and assured us of filling up faculty vacancies with one-time promotions

Compiled by Chhandosree, Praduman Choubey & Animesh Bisoee. Pictures by Gautam Dey & Bhola Prasad

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