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Friday , August 1 , 2014

Admission of trouble in India-US marriage

India and America today officially acknowledged for the first time that seemingly intractable differences across the economic and geopolitical spectrum had potholed their strategic partnership, accepting they needed “specific” breakthroughs to make Prime Minister Narendra Modi’...   | Read..

‘Langur’ trick to make monkey of monkey

Sometimes, imitation is the best form of attack....   | Read..

Beheading avenged: Bikram

General Bikram Singh, who retired as the army chief today, has said the Indian Army avenged the beheading of its soldier by Pakistani troops on the Line of Control in Jam...   | Read..

Shah sounds state poll bell

New BJP president Amit Shah today addressed party MPs for the first time, asking them to honour the “faith and trust” voters had reposed in them and work for ...   | Read..

IFS hope as ex-IPS officer vacates post

Former IPS officer Nehchal Sandhu resigned as deputy national security adviser today, an exit that sources said was not unexpected and would help restore a balance in fav...   | Read..
Sharmila Tagore on Thursday joined a protest by artistes against Israelís bombing of Gaza. ...  | Read
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bullet UP clash panel
bullet CM bungalows
bullet Kodnani relief
bullet Coal FIR

Why the Moon is more lemon than sixpence

Those who still believe the Earth is flat can now cast a longing look at the Moon. Scientists h...   | Read..

General who lets his dog disobey

General Dalbir Singh took over as India’s 26th chief of army staff today after a tenuous ...   | Read..

Papers promised, CBI steps on Saradha gas

The Bengal police chief today told CBI director Ranjit Sinha that by next week the police would hand over all crucial do...   | Read..

Rare shutdown as Bangalore protests rapes

Much of Bangalore shut down today against the recent spate of rapes and the government’s failure to check the spur...   | Read..

Landslip country asks ‘where next?’

Stunningly beautiful, achingly poor and perched dangerously on the Sahyadri’s slopes, Malin was a necropolis today...   | Read..

Bangla migrant centres

Every state in India will build “detention centres” for illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, the Narendra Mod...   | Read..

Cong plays tough on insurance

The insurance bill could not be taken in the Rajya Sabha today as the Congress joined other Opposition parties in seekin...   | Read..

Only gymnasts among dinosaurs turned into birds, shows new study

Only small and agile dinosaurs that evolved to climb trees, glide, and fly were the ancestors of birds, according to a s...   | Read..

UPSC report

The Arvind Verma committee, which is examining the change in test pattern of the UPSC, submitted its report to the gover...   | Read..

Bank glare on over-treatment

The World Bank today warned that excessive healthcare was becoming a serious issue in India, where people with private healt...   | Read..

Judges cleared

The government is understood to have cleared senior counsel U.U. Lalit’s elevation as a Supreme Court judge along ...   | Read..

J&K yatra aborted

The Omar Abdullah government today prevented a pilgrimage to the Kausarnaag lake by a group of Kashmiri Pandits, withdra...   | Read..