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Monday , July 28 , 2014
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Dimna gateway to get lane-savvy

Dimna Road, gateway to Jamshedpur from NH-33, will smarten up by this year-end with clearly demarcated lanes for different kinds of traffic, an initiative meant to reduce accidents due to collision on a stretch that sees 1.5 lakh vehicles a day.

Tata Steel subsidiary Jusco will start resurfacing and overhauling the 3.5km stretch connecting Mango to NH-33 by mid-October, after Durga Puja, and complete the work by December at a cost of Rs 4.2 crore.

According to a source in Jusco’s road construction division, the dual carriageway will have three one-way lanes.

Heavy vehicles — trucks, town buses, trailers and dumpers — will use the first lane, nearest to the median; cars and SUVs or passenger vehicles will ply on the second lane; and last but not the least, two-wheelers will be seen only on the third lane flanking the pedestrian pathway or footpath.

Marking of lanes will be done by thermo-plastic paint that will reflect at night.

Each lane will be 3.5 metres wide and the footpath will be 1.5 metres broad.

The median — central verge — will also get a fresh coat of water-based paint in yellow and black.

“Our main aim is to ease traffic on Mango-Dimna Road and avoid collision between different kinds of vehicles, with different sizes and speeds. As of now, the dual carriageway was not marked into lanes, though broad flank was 10.5 metres wide. Now, we will have six lanes, three on each side, with clearly demarcated vehicular movement on each,” said a source from road construction division.

Vehicular flow apart, over 50 housing apartments have risen close to Mango-Dimna Road, making the stretch risky for pedestrians forced to negotiate speeding heavy vehicles. A specific lane dedicated to heavy vehicles will curb this threat.

Besides lanes, the road will also get resurfacing with a bituminous layer of 30-40mm. Potholes and craters will be filled with wet mixed macadam. “The road needs resurfacing to strengthen and extend its life by some three to four years,” said the source.

The road construction division will also repair the drain wall that collapsed on nearly 10-metre stretch of the 20-feet wide median or central verge of Mango-Dimna Road.

Mango-Dimna Road with a central verge is being used as a dual carriageway since 2008. The verge has been barricaded with barbed fence and beautified with bougainvillaea, bakul and silver birch.

“The road is extremely important. It needs to be overhauled for the safety and convenience of lakhs of commuters and pedestrians,” Jusco spokesperson Rajesh Rajan said. “We will start work after Durga Puja as otherwise it would have disturbed festive traffic,” the spokesperson said.

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