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Sunday , July 27 , 2014

Gaza surveys damage after truce

Families across the Gaza Strip emerged from shelters and returned to their homes during a 12-hour cease-fire today to survey the damage to their neighbourhoods, collect belongings and help dig bodies from the rubble....   | Read..

US shuts embassy in Tripoli

The US evacuated its embassy in Libya today, driving its staff under heavy military guard across the border to Tunisia after escalating clashes broke out between rival militi...   | Read..

Lawmaker’s gaffe over India-origin officials

A US lawmaker committed an embarrassing faux pas when during a Congressional hearing he mistook two Indian-origin American officials as representing the Indian government, q...   | Read..
A Palestinian woman sits among the debris of destroyed homes in Beit Hanoun, Gaza Strip, during a 12-hour ceasefire agreed on by Israel and Hamas. (AFP)
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