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Saturday , July 26 , 2014
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Russia steps up Ukraine hostilities

Responding to strong advances by the Ukrainian military against insurgents in the week since the downing of a passenger jet, Russia has stepped up its direct involvement in the hostilities in eastern Ukraine, Ukrainian and American officials say. ...   | Read..

Israelis to govt: hammer Hamas

When 20-year-old Israeli soldier Daniel Pomerantz died in a Hamas ambush in the Gaza Strip, his small village near Tel Aviv decided they finally needed a cemetery to bury the...   | Read..

Protests spread to West Bank on day of rage

Violence spread to the West Bank today as enraged Palestinians protested Israel’s continuing military offensive in Gaza. ...   | Read..

Shakespeare in Love the play is ‘palpable hit’

A hit. A very palpable hit....   | Read..

Weather likely cause of Algeria plane crash

Poor weather was the most likely cause of the crash of an Air Algerie flight in the West African state of Mali that killed 118 people on board, French officials said today....   | Read..
A picture of Russian President Vladimir Putin adorns a urinal at a restaurant in Lviv, Ukraine. (AFP)
Russia steps up Ukraine hostilities
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