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Thursday , July 24 , 2014
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Carcass, home waste sully Bada Talab

The glistening water, the two small islands in the middle or the sheer size of the lake no longer hold appeal. The beauty and charm of the historic Bada Talab in the state capital have been lost to the huge mounds of garbage and the accompanying stench that’s enough to put off any visitor even if the sight doesn’t.

Residents of nearby areas, cattle and poultry owners, hospitals and nursing homes have been happily using the picturesque 53-acre Ranchi Lake in ward No. 24 as a dumping ground for household refuse, carcasses and even abandoned babies. A ‘mountain’ of waste has come to be grown along a 50-metre pathway that separates Bada Talab from Chhoti Jheel or Chhota Talab.

Bada Talab is not alone, another long stretch along Harmu river on the bypass is equally dirty.

Conceding the problem of arbitrary waste disposal at Ranchi Lake and Harmu, Ranchi Municipal Corporation’s (RMC) health officer Ajay Manjhi said: “The only notified place to dump garbage is Jhiri. What is happening along Bada Talab and near Harmu and many other places is illegal and is a threat to health and hygiene,” he added.

But why has the civic body failed to ensure that garbage is dumped only at designated places?

RMC officials pointed out that large bins have been kept at all wards, but lack of civic sense and ignorance about hygiene drive the residents to dump wastes everywhere.

Reminded that Bada Talab is ringed by Chhoti Masjid, Surya Mandir and Shiv Mandir and whether any special cleaning arrangement had been made in view of the ongoing month of Ramazan and Shravan, Manjhi said: “Every night, garbage is lifted by tractors. But in the morning, people from nearby localities again dirty the area.”

RMC CEO Manoj Kumar said it would be difficult to stop dumping of garbage at the two places immediately.

“We are working on the Ranchi Lake beautification plan. Once that plan is enforced, the entire area will be spruced up and the garbage cleared,” he added.