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Wednesday , July 23 , 2014
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Her story to help hundreds

Jillian Haslam, a Calcutta-born British motivational speaker who grew up in the city’s slums, on Tuesday moved members of the Calcutta Chamber of Commerce with a speech where she pulled instances from her hard early life to demonstrate the hardship people go through and what could be done to alleviate their miseries. She was speaking at The Conclave at a special session titled ‘Helping ordinary people do extraordinary things’. Jillian, a successful corporate, trainer, author and connected with the likes of Bill and Hillary Clinton, runs her own charity to help hundreds rebuild their life. “I am trying to reach out to as many institutions, universities, corporate houses as possible and trying to get some help for children, women and the disabled with the best practices available. I stand here speaking today for those who have no influence at all,” she said. Jillian requested people to support the five teams she had formed to help children, women, the elderly, the disabled and the youth in distress. Catch Jillian on Thursday at the Saturday Club, join her in a walk through Park Street on Sunday morning or listen to her speak at the MCCI Chamber of Commerce on how to empower former prisoners on Monday.

Picture by Amit Datta