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Fatal stunt on tracks

A 19-year-old Salman Khan fan lost his life on the tracks in Jugsalai on Wednesday evening apparently while trying to imitate a stunt shown in the yet-to-be-released Bollywood movie Kick.

In a separate incident, a 40-year-old man died when he came in front of a passenger train near Dukhu Market on Thursday morning.

Karan Mukhi, a resident of Dhatkidih, was hit by a goods train near Parvati Burning Ghat in Jugsalai where the boy, along with his two friends, had gone to attend the cremation of a neighbour.

On their way home, Karan decided to do a stunt like the one in the movie where the hero is shown crossing the tracks on foot inches from an approaching train. His friends, Vikash Kumar and Ajay Kumar, followed him.

“While returning home, we saw a train coming and Karan decided to do the stunt. We all were on the tracks even as the goods train was approaching us. As the train came very close, Ajay and I swiftly moved away to two different sides but Karan came under the train. This all happened in front of our eyes,” Vikash said.

Jugsalai OC Ashok Giri said the body was sent to mortuary on Thursday morning.

The other victim was run over by a passenger train around 8am on Thursday when he was trying to cross an unmanned level-crossing near the market in Jugsalai.

An eyewitness, Shravan Prasad, said there were half-a-dozen persons near the tracks when the mishap took place.

“Others stopped near the tracks when they saw the approaching train but the victim did not. An onlooker had even shouted at the man when he came very close to the train, but the next moment we all were shocked to see his body dismembered,” he recalled.

Police had not identified the man till the filing of this report.