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Wednesday , July 16 , 2014
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System to track teachers’ data

Shillong, July 15: The Meghalaya education department is working for the implementation of Teachers Information Management System (TIMS) for thousands of teachers working in various schools and colleges across the state.

Through the system, the department wanted to have a “secure and authenticated online data repository, which will act as the single source of truth for the department and government for all data related to teachers’ service records, skill, training, appointment, transfer, promotion and retirement”.

The system has been envisaged to include information about teachers working in the state, be it in the government, government-aided primary, upper primary, secondary, higher secondary schools and various colleges by providing two specific information management modules separately for schoolteachers and college teachers.

Meghalaya has four levels of schools being run as government or government-aided schools. These include primary schools, upper primary schools, secondary schools and higher secondary schools.

According to the department, there are 13,906 recognised schools in the state in all four categories. The number of teachers in the state is (elementary 40,086, secondary 7,316 and higher secondary 1,322).

Apart from the schools, there are nearly 38 colleges and over 1,000 teachers.

The department felt that the system was important because hitherto, information pertaining to all the teachers working in the schools and colleges is difficult to compile manually in a single repository as the relevant and updated information is often either not available or is partially available.

“Department also finds it challenging to obtain and maintain data related to qualification, skills, training, resignation, retirement related information of all the teachers required for better teacher distribution and administration activities. This situation leads to a longer time in planning and decision making for the department, resulting in inefficient and inadequate service delivery by teachers in particular and the department in general,” a document put up by the department stated.

Through the technology-driven system, the department wants a faster decision-making and approval cycles through automated workflow of the online system for day-to-day administrative matters.

The department also believes that the decision-makers would have a scope for effective planning and utilisation of existing manpower by identifying their skills.

Moreover, the system has been envisaged to be a centrally hosted web-based application preferably in a cloud computing/secure remote hosting environment.

The automated web-based system, which can be accessed anytime, anywhere through any device or interface by authorised users, will contain information about all the existing teachers as well as new teachers’ from appointment to retirement.

The department document also stated that the system should be accessible over any device supporting Internet and should be able to perform across platforms and interfaces like desktop computers, tablets, and smart phones.

Hitherto, the department has issued a “request for proposal” for selection of the implementation agency for implementation and hosting of the TIMS.