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Sunday , July 13 , 2014
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CLC (clap, laugh & cry) to be merry

- Doctor from a Nagpur trust holds stress management session for police

Ranchi, July 12: What’s the secret of a stress- and medicine-free life? It’s CLC, silly!

No, it’s not a new form of exercise, but the mundane, regular process of clapping, laughing and crying, our policemen learnt today.

A young doctor from a Nagpur-based trust, National Education, shared the formula to beat stress and tension in everyday life with the police force at a session held at the district police headquarters at Kutchery, Ranchi. The stress management workshop was a part of the trust’s nation-wide drive to create awareness about the need to lead a healthy and happy life.

Addressing a gathering of around 150 policemen, including superintendent of police (city) Anoop Birtharay, Dr Kapil said: “Clapping, laughing and crying help people get rid of stress, which is not a disease by itself but can cause many diseases. Around 70 to 80 claps a day can stimulate the acupressure points. One should cover one palm with another to clap. Laughing also reduces tension, which explains the popularity of laughing clubs across the country.”

Funny it may sound, but the doctor also encouraged people to cry more.

“Like clapping and laughing, crying also plays an important role in relieving stress. Males are more prone to heart attack than women as they are reluctant to vent their emotions through tears or laughter,” Kapil pointed out.

Among other lifestyle tips, he stressed on the importance of breakfast. “One should not skip breakfast as it will increase cholesterol level. Breakfast should comprise sprouted items, milk products and fruits like papaya or apple. Lunch should be something moderate and dinner light. Full-fledged feasts are a strict no-no at night. After dinner, one should not sleep immediately but take one hour and a half to go to bed,” Kapil added.

For office-goers, he suggested speed walking and a glass of water every hour while working on the computer to release stress. After office, people should spend 15-20 minutes on hobbies as it aids relaxation.

“Sleeping posture is also crucial. Sleeping on stomach is the best for those having high blood pressure. For others, the left side posture is better because it ensures good blood circulation,” the doctor said.

Kapil also spelt a formula for morning walk.

“Morning walk should be of 40 minutes. The first 10 minutes should be for warm-up by normal walking, another 10 minutes for speed walking, the next 10 for brisk walking with hands swinging backward and forward and the last 10 for slowdown,” he said.

At the end of the 90-minute session, officer-in-charge of Kotwali police station Arwind Kumar Sinha spoke about problems faced by policemen. “We don’t get sufficient time to rest. Thus, it is impossible for us to follow a healthy lifestyle,” Arwind said.

In reply, Kapil said even if 50 per cent of the tips were followed, it would work wonders.

“The programme was quite enlightening. If we can follow the tips, we will be able to lead a stress-free life. Such events should be held more often. After all, health is wealth,” said officer-in-charge of Chutia police station Vijay Kumar Singh.

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