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Friday , July 11 , 2014

A good maiden budget

I had modest expectations of this budget for two reasons. First, Arun Jaitley is at least as good a lawyer as P. Chidambaram, for whose intelligence I continue to entertain high respect; and Chidambaram was a consistently lousy finance minister. And second, Jaitley did not have much time to prepare ...   | Read..
Letters to the Editor
Late nights
Sir — The birds in the city have started staying awake till late hours of the night. Too many stree ...  | Read.. 
Fanning hatred
Sir — The editorial, “Unfair game” (July 6), aptly suggests that the culture of hero-worship preval ...  | Read.. 


Arun Jaitley’s maiden budget has to be judged against the backdrop of two competing phenomena. First, the economy is at the c...   | Read..
Improves on closer reading
As far as I am concerned, the tensions in the pre-budget days this year were similar to the level of excitement generated before the Brazil-Germany semi-final. While the footb...  | Read.. 
Practical, but no big bang
The Narendra Modi government has proposed a budget almost two months after it took office. It is a budget of great detail. Bu...  | Read.. 
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