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Friday , July 11 , 2014
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Social security in small doses

Arun Jaitley has continued with all the flagship programmes of the UPA government, allaying the doubts over the Narendra Modi government’s intent on social security initiatives....   | Read..

Modi’s political message in debut ‘budget for all’

Achhe din — good days — wasn’t the slogan on BJP leaders’ lips as they praised their government’s first budget today....   | Read..


The finance minister carried an unfamiliar burden into Parliament on Thursday: a briefcase. Sources said it was a first — Jaitley had apparently ...   | Read..

Back to post office with eye on ‘unbanked’ cash

The Narendra Modi government is hoping to tap “unbanked savings” by bringing back Kisan Vikas Patra, a post office savings scheme which allowed individuals to...   | Read..

Jackfruit joy after the missed morning walks

Half an hour after his first and extraordinarily long budget speech, the mood in the finance minister’s Parliament chamber appeared to reflect a relaxed informality...   | Read..

Time out! First finance minister to disrupt own budget

Literary flair clearly doesn’t figure in the Narendra Modi stylebook. William Shakespeare...   | Read..

Rs 500cr for me-too plan on IITs, IIMs

Finance minister Arun Jaitley today announced that five new IITs and an equal number of IIMs wo...   | Read..

Tide turns: plan to link rivers back

Finance minister Arun Jaitley today proposed an outlay of Rs 100 crore to revive a grand but controversial plan to link ...   | Read..

Small raise for science

The 2014-15 Union budget outlays for scientific research reflect marginal jumps over allocations last year with atomic e...   | Read..

Big bucks for border fence

The budget outlay for the Union home ministry is up by almost a fourth, with the sharpest hike relating to border projec...   | Read..

Money muscle to Modi’s

India has hiked its budget for foreign aid to its neighbours by over 20 per cent, adding critical financial muscle to th...   | Read..

Funds and FDI cap up for defence

The Modi government has indicated its priority for the armed forces with Arun Jaitley hiking allocation by Rs 5,000 cror...   | Read..

Tweets titter at Rs 100cr spree

Arun Jaitley announced some 28 Rs 100-crore schemes today, something Twitter just couldn’t get enough of....   | Read..

Five-fold jump in madarsa allocation

The Narendra Modi government today allocated Rs 100 crore for modernising madarsa education, a five-fold increase from l...   | Read..

Free drugs plan paradox

The allocation for the health sector has left sections of experts disappointed and wondering how the government will mee...   | Read..