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Wednesday , July 9 , 2014
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Madonna spared jury service

New York, July 8: Madonna turned up for jury service at a New York court but was spared the ordeal in sitting in judgment on her peers.

The singer responded to a summons to appear at the Manhattan Supreme Court at the third time of asking, having been excused at least once after producing a doctor’s note.

Special arrangements had clearly been made for the attendance of one of the world’s biggest celebrities. With the permission of officials, she arrived an hour after jurors are usually required to attend, accompanied by three police officers, two personal bodyguards and two assistants.

Once at the court, she was ushered past a 10 minute queue and taken straight through security, where a female uniformed guard ran a metal detector over her torso after her jewellery apparently set off an alarm.

She was then ushered to a room away from the dedicated jury assembly room. After an hour and a half of waiting, the singer, who was summoned under her full name of Madonna Louise Ciccone, was told she was not among those drawn out of the hat to serve on a jury on Monday.