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Tuesday , July 8 , 2014
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Film on road ambulances

The road construction department is getting an animation film made to spread awareness about the functioning of road ambulances for quick repair of roads.

The field engineers could engage the services of these vehicles according to their requirement. A private company is making the animation film in Delhi. An executive engineer in the road construction department said: “For the purpose of spreading awareness about the functioning of the vehicles, the department has planned to make a short animation film.”

Former chief minister Nitish Kumar had unveiled the state’s first road ambulance at 1 Aney Marg on January 23 to repair damaged roads under the Bihar Road Assets Maintenance Policy, 2013, which has been already implemented.

The vehicle was showed to the public during the Republic Day parade on January 26. The ambulance was pressed into service on February 23.

Sharing more about the animation film, the official said: “The first copy of the film is likely to be available by the end of June. By July 15, we would get the edited copy. We would distribute the animated film to all the people associated with the road ambulance such as engineers, contra- ctors, agencies and the employees who would man the vehicles.”

Fifty such ambulances have been pressed into service and 26 more would be made operational soon. The vehicles cost Rs 26 lakh each and have been assembled in Ghaziabad.

The road ambulances work on four agendas — repair, clearing obstacles, deal with hit-and-run cases and deal with mass injury.

Repairing damaged roads and clearing obstacles like removing the branches of trees during storms is quite common. However, a road ambulance comes very handy in hit-and-run cases. Ever since, they became operational, road ambulances have saved three lives by taking injured people to the nearest hospital in time.

“While designing the road ambulance, I had Gandaman (Saran) midday meal tragedy in mind where several children lost their lives because they couldn’t be taken to the hospital on time. These vehicles are fitted with global positioning system gadgets and controlled from a centralised control room. So in the case of mass injury or cases like collision between two vehicles, the road ambulance can play very crucial role in saving the lives of people,” said the official.